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October 6, 2011 updates see discoveries for accomplishments too

Recent Cures and Miracles

October 1, 2011
We have long distance and in person replaced nervous systems, cut out cancer tumors, watery cyst cut out, and bone density instantly replaced and diet /supplement advised. Replace instantly vitamins minerals and trace elements until the person can replace them in their diets.

Depression causes and cures

Worldwide out of 7 billion people depression chronic and in an acute state and it occurs in 4 billion people continousily leading to manic-depression, anxiety, suicide and inactivity. Depression can lead to self-hate, low self-esteem, lack of positive relationahips and lack of productivity. Depression is hard to remove through just therapy and drugs can mask almost all the time holding it further deep within you. It is lifted out of you with only one E&E emotional and energy healing. The positive affects are felt right away and is removed for good never to return.
Some things you can do after our healing:
positive talking to good friends and support groups
Do positive affirmations
 Daily exercise and aromatherapy, yoga and deep breathing. Order E&E today at our store 

Chromosome damage discoveries and accomplishments

We and only we have discovered all the reasons for chromosome damage. Only one reason environmental. 700,000 people today have chromosome damage and 45% of the 700,000 cases are genetic.We find and remove genes that are to be turned off and/or defective and need removal. We have healed 2250 cases to this date from 2003-2011 chromosome damage with 100% success. It is easy for you to order the 13 page SIR healing at 50%- off for September 2011. You just drink more then 8-9 glasses of water and go about your usually business. Whether born with it or not the number of sessions will be only ONE for full recovery and tests by Doctors can verify a full recovery. Chromosome damage symptoms will vanish in a average of three weeks time. Have a free health checkup with promised % of cure and exact timeline email me HERE

4 Million dollars free work accomplished to date

Sophia ( Evelyn Anderson) has given away free healing, free checkups for nine years now. This healing is priceless and worth millions. Remember we get the people after Doctors have tried the most and have not succeeded. Sometimes we get smart people who care about themselves and we get them before getting penniless and harmed for good from treatments. Have you had a free no-obligation health checkup just send me an email or give me a call that is your personal invitation from Ms. Anderson herself.

Miracle healing institute NEW MAGAZINE

 This is our new magazine vote and tell me what you think

Summer 2011 accomplishments August 2011

1) Fertility disorders where only surgery and expensive fertility procedures were offered by Doctors BUT we helped or client get pregnant and healed June 13, 2011 without surgery
2) Autism cases 3 of them healed 100% 3 year old 6 year old and 14 year old severe cases helped 100%. The correct increase of Autism and ADD cases is one in 90 kids.
 3) Career job oppuntunties for several MHI Elite members to make from $1500-$8000 a month miracle supplements a amazing line of hundreds of products at wholesale.
4) Energy attacks from portal holes helped a long term client from attacks from live-in situation.
5) Skin disorders (severe) nothing else helped 100% cure in 21 days several healings
6) high profile cases of hopeless preplexing disorders Doctors have no clue to cure dealing with strinking cells and atomic levles of being human blueprint of life is ending in kids

Proving our methods do work ( updated May 25, 2011)

Several European countries hand selected for they open mindeness and high quality of genetic research will be testing our method of healing this year. Increasing genes and healing genetic disorders of all types will be explored. Immune and brain/nerves injuries will be healed in several countries. Once findings are found this is a big deal since our work was done in private for eight years and our clients (6857 ) as of May 25,2011 have enjoyed options in healing without surgery, missed work and symptoms of reactions of medicines. Genes discovered in the past three years will be proven to be turned off remotely and illnesses improving in weeks. Our healing erases hardship learning lessons and genes turned on for illness are turned off.  Rapid miracle healing is done from the heaven for anyone coming to me. We heal unborn, child, adult and animals in 54 countries for the ninth year. Celebrate with us anyone ordering healing between May 23 and June 8 can be cured for $50 - $60 instead of $150 a session. Doctors can order genetic cures and intuitive medical evaluations with only a patient's picture or birth name/date/sex. Patient information and condition does not need to be discussed with me. Reports are sent by email or mail to your office. Visits by me can be arranged and working with me in a close and personal way by seeing results accomplished before your eyes. Want to know more? Write me or email/skype me on contact page. Or easy fill out the following confidently and private secure form:

    Title Text.

12 causes of Obesity found by The Insitute of Hope and Healing

1) 25% cause GMO foods 176 million acres
2) 25%life style choices
3) 10% chemtrails breath in chemicals
4) 35% prescription drugs amount that can changes metabolism
5)50% Fast Foods
6) 50% faulty metabolism mostly parathyriod
7) 15% unproper digestion
8) 10% emotional reasons
9) 42% lack of self-control
10) 30% addictions
11) 12% genetic
12) 35% karmic reason


Sleep Cure

Many people today are on caffiene with coffee and energy drinks in epidemic ways. About half the world have pineal glands not working at all so sleep is very difficult. Pineal have two functions one spiritual and the other sleep. Good sleep happens if pineal is functioning and balanced and your brain waves are functioning normal and can shift from one mode to another. Alpha in 1-5 mode will knock you out in a peaceful bliss. The same 50% of entire population have brain waves not working right. Adernals glands are 80-90% not functioning good so combine that with pineal we have stress no sleep and tired people. We instantly heal sleep problems just using our 13 page SIR healing that same night after healing you will sleep deeper and dream more ....a solution without months in sleep clinic and dangerous dependent drugs. Webstore click here for 13 page report

The 10 Minute Miracle Cure 
A higher consciousness healing
Questions answered and illnesses heale. Advice, healing, clearing, energy, emotions, cellular or organs. Maybe you just want a short detailed medical intuitive consultation. Details of what is wrong and what needs to be done and sample cure of the problem.
You may have doubts whether I am real here is a perfect way to afford to find out.....

Newest developments 3-3-11

Sorry for having to say this but I get tired of reading so many things in direct conflict each with the other about dates and events. The news that the date was wrong by Mayas is incorrect. The dates are correct the righteous Gods and higher beings stopped the Mayan Events. Recently unexpected weather plantary events are speeding up much faster and showing a rapid return of the mayan events. Recently the earth and entire first realm was thrown into full blowed Mayan Events by outside realm higher evil beings. Ascendsion or sleep then resurrection, either one, requires higher consciousness and a karma free state to raise levels of dimensions to match the earth or at least your personal spirit everyone 99% have non of the above. I test people being in 3-6 realities at once creating unreality. The lastest development is that earth is 100% 5th and atmosphere is already in the 6th dimension. People are in the 3rd and cannot accomplish anything to survive the up coming months of changes. Dispite stopping things (5 things) the rest are of the  masses are going backwards in cellular and intelligence development. It is hard to believe that people do not have a mind of they own, how advance this evil technology really is.
With Karmic Laws discontinued in 2008 why are you still filled with carry over past life karma ( this last incarnated lifetime) thousands of programs holding you back on an earth that will be empty very soon. We soon will learn through light and love with crystal spirits in human bodies and elevate in time to 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensional planet.
Not sure how you can benefit from this healing? Email me for free checkups or readings and I will tell you what is right and wrong and what needs help, the exact timeline and % of cure for each session plus the days and weeks needed to get to 100% cure. All you need to do is drink 8-9 glasses of water daily ....write me HERE or

Miracle Healing Institute Disease Genes

We have discovered 223 different genes leading to 25 different disorders and illnesses. We remotely and instantly ask the heavens to turn off genes leading to illness. Overnight genetic disorders improve. More healing is needed and given based on testing all organs and body systems at a cellular level. Includes Chromosomes, RNA, atoms, Neurons, Protons, Electrons, and DNA This unseen and mostly unfelt area is mostly ignored in doctors offices. Image the end to canes and wheelchairs. The freedom of the limitations and costl .
Genetics is our most complicated health issues because enormous and varied amounts of disorders and combinations of chromosome damag, gene defective and DNA shrinkage.

Ending Swine and Avain Flu worldwide

When the Flu one day disappeared. I was the only person that knew why! I informed the heavens and they healed all people at that time of both Swine flu, Avain flu and Mad Cow. Over night cases disappeared. The evil motivation of $$$ sales of medication vaccines etc after evidence in Austria and Mexico of leaks of dangerous Lab work containing flu specimen. Man made flu and money motivated plan of man was laid to rest by the heavens getting rid of this dangerous global health concern. We at the Institute were healing cases in 12 countries without vaccines and hospital stays.

GMO organ damage  - USA 175 million acres of GMO and a push to kill organics

He had been an enthusiastic supporter of genetic engineering, working on cutting edge safety research with genetically modified (GM) foods. But to his surprise, his experiments showed that GM foods were inherently dangerous. When he relayed his concerns during a short television interview in the UK, things got ugly. With support from the highest levels of government, biotech defenders quickly mobilized a coordinated attack campaign trying to distort and cover up the evidence.

It worked for a while, but when an order of Parliament lifted Dr. Pusztai’s gag order, the revelations touched off a media firestorm that ultimately kicked GM foods out of European supermarkets, and derailed the industry’s timetable to quickly replace virtually all food with genetically engineered alternatives.

I recount the dramatic story of Dr. Pusztai below. In
Part 2, I respond point-by-point to the biotech industry’s denial and spin over the Pusztai affair, which is still being hyped in their new attack website.

Pusztai’s Hot Potatoes

By early 1996, genetically modified tomatoes had been sold in US supermarkets for more than a year, and GM soy, corn, and cottonseed were about to be widely planted. But not a single peer-reviewed study on the safety of GM foods had been published, and there was not even an agreed-upon protocol for answering the question,”Is this stuff safe?”

The UK government was about to change all that, and Hungarian born chemist Dr. Arpad Pusztai was their man to do it. He beat out 27 competing scientists for a £1.6 million grant to develop a safety testing protocol; it was supposed to eventually be required for all GM food approvals in Europe.

A Spud with Fire-Power

Pusztai’s team was working with the vegetable equivalent of a James Bond car—complete with built-in weaponry. A potato was outfitted with an assassin gene from the snowdrop plant; the gene produced “GNA lectin,” a protein that kills insects.

How did Dr. Pusztai feel about the fact that his prestigious Rowett Institute was preparing to release killer potatoes into supermarkets worldwide? Fine, actually. He knew that the GNA lectin was harmless—not to insects mind you, but to us mammals. Dr. Pusztai was the world’s leading expert on lectin proteins, and the GNA lectin was the one he knew most about. He had studied it for nearly seven years.

But when Dr. Pusztai fed the GM potato to rats using his new safety testing protocol, he got a shock. Nearly every system in the rats’ bodies was
adversely affected—several in just 10 days. Their brains, livers, and testicles were smaller, while their pancreases and intestines were enlarged. The liver was partially atrophied. Organs related to the immune system, including the thymus and the spleen, showed significant changes. Their white blood cells responded to an immune challenge more slowly, indicating immune system damage.