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websites belonging to our Institute: in Africa specilizing in infectious and hopeless cases

.................. is our NEW department for Autism or ADD cases only. To give hope with actual healings not like other healers or organizations by just talk or raising money through runs and charities. We just heal pure and simple. Free checkups and advice become a MHI member that is all that is needed. One in 90 cases in USA is far more accurate. ADD and Autism is addressed here.
There are 6 reasons Autism can happen:
1) Birth trauma for example tools used to pull or position a child by turning or pulling if it is placed instead on each side of the head front and back the brain stem soft area is pressed and can be damaged. That is only one example there are many here.
2) Vaccines some of them are dangerous human indigo children are very sensitive to them and allergic reactions occur. Vaccines can do damage to the brain sections. 
3) Medications can cause damage
4) In the womb trauma
5) Inherited but not genetic
6) Medications a mother takes
and possible DNA damage blueprint oflife damaged
 If you the reader has found other causes please share with our Institute 
No medication or devices create permanant solutions only downright simple pure healings based on measuring testing and researching individual cases FREE of charge. Our motives are pure not money based. Become MHI member today open to 200 countries. We have no limits and positive results and reaching people remotely. Tell a friend you know there is HOPE. YES U CAN  

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Evelyn Anderson born May 23, 1955  56 years ago born
Now is 38 years old biologically due to reversal of aging due to karma free state
ANCA Certified Nutritionist
ICS Fitness and Nutrition
MCC anatomy
Reiki Master I, II, III
 Iridologist Certified
Goddess Sophia and angels
Lectures for American Heart Ass. stress management
 Lectures for Norwich Inn and Spa for one year Iridology
 Weight management lectures for many years for org.
Environmental researcher with PowerPoint presentations used by Switzerland for years in Universities
******Division Isagenix provider for wealth and abundance oppuntunities
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 see career and job department for more information as well.