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FREE remote HEALTH CHECKUPS and FREE CONSULTATION  OFFERED  (A $60 value). To Request a free check-up, email me here or call me at:1-860-249-9165 . I have given more than 69,000 free check-ups in 9 years. Institute for Hope and  Healing est.2002

Our Global Healing Mission

 Our mission is to offer non-invasive, safe, easy, inexpensive, and remotely done health care. Here we test and healed over 264 disorders in over 54 countries for 9 years. We have had 13 million hits and 69,470 free health checkups and 6995 healings. All checkups come with the  exact time lines and % of cures promised before healing is done. Our mission to to give options and choices. We consider invasive cutting and drugging a bit primitive. We here wish to leave clients with healed parts not artificial replaced ones but healed back to a perfected state of operating and functioning. People all over the world suffer also from a cellular and energy level; which is not tested by Doctors. Our Institute turns off up to 85 different genes for illness which jump starts the healing for genetic disorders.
We have healed :
Nine different types of Cancers stage 1-3  (95%-100% cure rate each and every time)
Autism and ADD
Radiation sickness and toxic levels cleared remotely
Joint and gait problems
Heart disease
Fertility problems
Digestive disorders
Nerve damage
Decrease sex drive
Sexual diseases including AIDS
Deformed clients due to chromosome/genetic damage
Injuries to brain, nerves, broken bones, cracked joints
Hepatitis B, C
Sleep disorders
Poisoning and toxic metal
Mad Cow
Swine Flu
Bat virus cases
Skin disorders shingles, hives, allergies
Unborn babies their genes to illness turned off
Hair loss and scar removal
Adjusting sizes of sexual organs
 Cosmetic surgery remotely turning aging genes off and elastic collagen enhanced 

We have 64 practitioners of SIR "Soul Integration and Re-Creation" in 10 different countries
such as: Sweden, India, Malaysia, England, USA, France, Holland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zea land.
ODE magazine speaks of Ms. Anderson as an Optimist voted as best in what she does. There are two things we ask of all our clients first to keep the dated schedules of healing and drink enough water to maintain 70% water then % of promise cure will be achieved. 

We offer hope so peace can envelope your being and shine bright and help you to stand tall during these hard times
We want you to reach your highest potential meet your soul mates achieve enormous success and perfect health
Medical Intuitive
Director Ms. Anderson N.C

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 Cindy writes the Institute for Hope and Healing:

" For anyone out there who wants to be healed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually Sophia is THE person to go to and receive HER magnificent SIR Sessions. I recently came across her website and was blown away by all she said SIR can do. Finally, an answer to my prayers for enlightenment by the highest and most powerful way possible on the planet. Sophia and SIR IS the real deal, make no mistake about it. Everything Sophia says SIR can do, SIR can do!! I have had three sessions now and I will tell you some specifics to give you all hope and faith that this method WORKS. During my first (also second and third) session I felt the energy going through me. Really awesome! I felt more light and happy. Clearly something had shifted. I became very interested in listening to classical music. Previously, I had no interest in it. Now I can't get enough! My thoughts are more centered in the present and I am much less obsessed with the future. I am much more sensitive to negativity and so I am much more positive than I have ever been before. I feel more joy and less worry. I sing and laugh more. I have had a lot of anger most of my life. For the first time I have been able to experience life without all that anger. I feel more calm and peaceful and forgiving. I feel more grateful and appreciative. I have had stomach problems all my life. I was very sensitive to smells and spices. After one session I no longer had reactions to smells. Yes, I still find some smells unpleasant, but I no longer have a strong reaction. My stomach area on my foot (reflexology) used to be very painful to the lightest touch. No longer. That area on my foot no longer is sensitive!! I had a lump under my left armpit and after the first session it started to go down. By my third session it is just about gone. I feel more intelligent and focused (I literally felt my head expanding!) I've noticed I am solving problems more easily and creatively. I feel like I could learn anything and have more of a desire to challenge my brain and learn new things. Things seem to be going more smoothly for me and I have much less worst case scenario thoughts and the fear/anxiety that goes with it! I no longer have self-defeating statements that start with I can't. I now think I can. I see the world in a different way. More attuned with nature and more connected to GOD. I feel good. So many wonderful things await the person who trusts and believes in Sophia and SIR. You have been led to this website for a reason. Trust it. Take the leap. You will not regret it. Just do it!! "

Love You Sophia! Thank you! GOD Bless you! I will stay connected to you forever and continue with SIR sessions for as long as I can."

Love Always, Cindy

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Six countries chosen for international managers to have my web site in they country make good money copy/paste my site and send key words to search engines. No other work required we will send 10%-20% profit from gross receipts from your country to your home weekly. Countries include:
Yes, I am interested in hearing more and hope to help others help your Institute plus increase my income with little and no work.
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What do others says........Updated July 19, 2011
Soul Integration Healing And Recreation From Sacred Feminine Divine Sophia  

"I tried everything - I felt hopeless, frustrated and ill" Then I discovered the KEY to curing anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias

In a small country town a woman lives a quite secluded existence with a very big secret. Her name is Eve Anderson.

Eve Anderson (Goddess Sophia) has had unique healing gifts and wisdom (vessel of wisdom) within her that could not be used until back in 2002 when she was revealed the identity of her spirit. Her spirit is Sophia which means Wisdom. Eve has created a unique healing method for karma clearing and perfection on Earth. The name of her healing is ?Instant Manifestation Healing?, a very powerful, fast and risk-free way to clear all karmic blocks and elevate the soul consciousness to the I AM consciousness, the lessons are learned instantly with DNA activation into thousands of strands. You will feel Sophia work on you as your health is restored all naturally and perfectly. Healed emotions, balanced personality, karma cleared, attachments gone, energy balanced, unblocked and repaired genes and DNA strands multiplied in thousands. The DNA is the antenna to God and perfection, for the code of perfection is within us, in our DNA. This
perfection comes from the Absolute Wisdom of Sophia who represents the Feminine Divine Energy Consciousness on Earth and beyond. Sophia is the the Maternal Being spiritual masters often talk about.

She offers free detailed check-ups, using just a picture or birth information. This has resulted in more than 69,000 free hours of her giving detailed heath check-ups to people worldwide. In the checkup, she tests the organs, atoms, cells, DNA, genes, diseases if any, their degree and locations, plus the size and number of tumors if any and their locations too. She also tests your emotions, energy, body systems, money/love issues if any, your karma and blocks, your DNA activation, how old as a soul you are, etc.

Series of Instant Manifestation Healing (See Store page)

A one time fee allows you a series from 3-6 sessions to achieve rapid healing perfection. This healing is 1000 times more powerful and permanent then the 13 page SIR report. All past life karma can be cleared in one paid series. Also all health issues will be healed 100% and energy, emotions, cellular and organs are addressed and healed. The results are 100% within a few weeks. Once payment is received then you will be scheduled within 24 hours. After healing and when perfection has been achieved then another
soul integration of I.M can be purchased for success/wealth/love/anti-aging.

You will feel Sophia remotely and be amazed beyond anything ever before!

Eve has been healing celebrities, Royal families and prime ministers, doctors, genetic mutated kids, and even the unborn. Eve Anderson is 56 years old, with eternal youth and perfection with her I.M. (Instant Manifestation) HEALING.

She started healing people back in 2002. She is an Medical Intuitive & Environmental Researcher and Lecturer,Certified Nutritionist, Usui Reiki Master,Iridologist,IET Therapist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Gifted remote healer for “Soul Integration and Re-Creation” and the extremely powerful “Instant Manifestation” Healing.

She appeared on ODE Magazine as voted best Intelligent Optimist.

Eve Anderson is Founder and Director of The Energy Center (est. 2002), Education and Healing Institute.

She has authored six books and two web sites updated daily.

6995 healings all 100% cure rate, healing 54 countries 69,586 free checkups since 2002

40+ amazing departments, 13 million hits
Email: Call: 1-860-249-9165 call free consultation
Write: Po Box 3016, Vernon, CT 06066 USA

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Have a Medical Intuitive Health checkup or soul reading remotely done and in great detail totally free of charge
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