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New Healings for September 2011
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Series of Instant Manifestation Healing IMH

Series of Instant Manifestation Healing

A one time fee allows you a series from 4  sessions to achieve rapid healing perfection. This healing is
5000 times more powerful and permanent then the 13 page SIR report. All past life karma can be cleared in one paid series. Also all health issues will be healed 100% and energy, emotions, cellular and organs are addressed and healed. The results are 100% within a few weeks. Once payment is received then you will be scheduled within 24 hours.
Karma free of negative blocks and programs holding you back are gone
 Diseases healed, emotions healed, energy healed, cellular healed
Then raised consciousiness creates positive changes for love, prosperty, perfect health, happiness, wealth, fame and awakenings spiritual and gifts spiritual be in control of your destiny. Intelligence rises 55-140 points. In a matter of days after the last session reality and events change to reflect positive oppuntunities and good things just falling into your lap. People respond different to you and supportive people are all around you. Your income increases 22%-75% in weeks ahead. Good fortune and success makes all positive goals real. We will email what we clear and find. Consultation is FREE and my private phone line not mentioned in this website will be given you.  ORDER BELOW


4 Powerful IMH Instant Manifestation healings

Brain and Nervous System 7 page report

50 sections of the brain are recorded of % that it is imbalanced and not working correctly. Many pictures help explain sections and what is wrong.
Nerves sections about 5 different ones are tested and recorded. Polarity is tested and done. Elements are balanced. Inflammation, swelling, infections, water on the brain, intelligence levels, mental disorders are address if they come up, ADD, autism, depression benefit greatly. headaches, imbalance, virtigo, is cured.
Click below to see sample report
We recommend B&N 7 page report Below


Brain and Nervous system Report
7 pages emailed of detailed results of over 50 sections of the brain.
Also complete Polarity and five Chinese elements are balanced and healed 
Good for 100% cure for the following:
Depression, vertigo, anxiety, Bi-polar, ADD, Autism, Injury to the brain and nerves, transmitters, intelligence enhanced IQ, focus, concentration, behavior disorders, Etc
Uaually rate is $100 NOW $50 will discontinued without notice order today
drink 9 glasses of water and go about your business results felt right away

Emotional and Energy Healing

Heal negative self-defeating attitudes and depressive emotions over night. Cure depression, anxiety disorders, sorrow and grief, emotional pain, greed, sadness, anger, violence, bitterness, resentment, hate, and others....

Heal your low energy which is CHI and life force energy. Balance your chakras and repair them, also cleanse and repair the aura and all invisable bodies. Open meridians the extent a (4) one hour accupuncture
 sessions would.

Recommend the E&E Emotional and Energy Healing

Emotional and Energy Healing

Heal negative deep emotions from depression to anxiety and emotional pain and sorrow etc
Heal aura, Chi, chakras, invisible bodies, Hara energy, polarity, Kundalini energy usually cost $65 now $45 emailed emotions that we healed and energy needing work that we healed

Children Disorders

We have healed Autism, ADD, Genetic disorders, Immune disorders, and various types of cancer in children.
We heal infertily in parents, repostioning fetus and canceling genetic and chromosomes disorders before birth.
Types Of Genetic Disorders Genetic disorder is a result of the wrong information sent by our chromosomes and genes. 

This disorder is classified into four categories.  These are single-gene genetic disorders, multifactorial genetic disorders, chromosomal genetic disorders and mitochondrial genetic disorders.

Single-Gene Disorder

Single-gene disorder is also termed as monogenic disorder or Mendellian which develop when mutation occurs in single gene only.  Single gene disorders are classified as Autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant, X-linked recessive, X-linked dominant and Y-linked disorders.  Examples of single-gene disorders are Marfan syndrome, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease, cystic fibrosis and hereditary hemochromatosis.

Multifactorial Genetic Disorder

Multifactorial genetic disorder is also known as polygenic.  This type of genetic disorder is very complicated, hard to treat and very tricky to analyze.  This is the effect of the mutations among multiple genes.  Examples of this genetic disorder are cleft palate, diabetes, cancer, mental retardation, coronary heart disease and autism.

Chromosomal Disorder

Chromosomal Disorder is the result of the missing copies and presence of extra chromosomes.  Examples are Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, William’s syndrome, Turner Syndrome and Cri-du-Chat Syndrome.  Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 is the most popular among these.  Here, the person having this type of disorder has three pairs of chromosome 21.

Mitochondrial disorder

Since only egg cells produce mitochondria in embryo development, this disorder originated from mothers.  This genetic disorder also takes place when mutation is present in the non chromosomal DNA of the cell or mitochondrial DNA.  Leber’s Hereditary Optic neuropathy is a very good example of this genetic disease.

13 page S.I.R report is recommended

$75 for a very limited time

13 page report and healing S.I.R
For kids any age and adults for general complete detailed healing
Heal emotions, energy, cellular, organs, brain and nervous system clear all dark negative karma blocks and interferences all issues clear in 1-2 sessions. Free checkup with birth name and date to  
regular $150 sale $75 save $75

Beauty and Youthful Restucturing

We activate all junk DNA and have found in eight years of practice many cells have increased integrity and youthfulness. It is not uncommon for most of our clients over 40-60 years of age get 15-20 years yonger feeling and in appearances. Also 10-40 years of long term scars go away. This is all done without surgery and without supplements.

13 page S.I.R healing is recommended


Abundance Healing clears all isues, blocks, bad karmaic agreements to suffer, and current day obstacles.
We promise a timeline and amount of increase of material abundance. Uncertainty surrounds all, debts, never getting ahead, mouth to mouth and month to month, we all wish we could do more and have more.
Positive regramming of your subconscious and conscious mind is automatically done.

We recommend the "Abundance Healing" report


Abundance Healing NEW!
We remove contracts and agreements through past lives to rid you of repeated mistakes and attracting debt poverty and failure. We bless your life with abundance and increased activity. We clear sub-conscious self-defeating messages in the mind. We remove blocks and karma programs to suffering for $45 Sale usually $65 Save $20

General Healing of all Disorders

Immune, genetic, metabolic, digestive, nerve, joint, circulation, Diabetic, Fertility issues
With an average of 1-3 sessions or more, a 96%-100% cure can be realized according to our past healings. In a matter of hours after the first session you will feel an improvement and feel the remote energy working on you.
Our experience covers 264 different disorders as of October 2010
Includes emotional and energy healing and karma clearing

We recommend either the 47 page S.I.R report in English
                                                        47 page SIR report In French 
                                                      13 page SIR report in French


13 page report SIR healing In English or French
heal emotions, energy, cellular, organs, and brain and nervous system, polarity and dark karma, blocks attachments etc    regular $150.00
Save $75
BIG SALE 47 page report S.I.R Healing in English or French
Emotions healed, energy healed, cellular bodies healed, organs and body systems healed, so much more.
Here we test more body systems in detail and more glands and organs, levels of secretions, homones, proteins, blood pressure, blood levels, toxins, lessons from the past karma listed, attachments influencing you, personaility type you are, business types, spiritual type, organisms in your body, your past life info too plus so much more. Surgery remotely and organs replaced. Broken bones and stones removed, Genetic disorders healed. Fertiltiy restored, mental disease cured, diabetic and heart disease all cancers including 100% cures with brain cancer. Regular $599 at 50%- off this month only

Spiritual Healing

Enhance your own energy healing business by enhancing your connections to spiritual aids and enhancing your energy, CHI, aura, chakras, life force, and clear past life issues and blocks. Enhance spiritual qualities and enlightenment after you become karma-free of dark issues from 13 page report S.I.R. Feel light and free and experience light energy coming out of all of your pores of the skin. Enhance SQ spiritual intelligence 40% higher
Order "Advance Spiritual Healing" when karma free


Advance Spiritual Healing
5 page report detailing every past life negative dark quality about you. Advances light, love and higher vibrational frequencies, gifts and energy is enhanced thousand fold. Rid yourself of negative dark soul from your life. Make miracles happen and meet the right people and soul mates flow into your life. Feel the light flow from the pores in your skin and stillbe grounded. amazing healing.

Pet Healing

This remote pet healing has saved many animals lives. We treat everything from emotions, energy, behavior issues, organs, body systems, glands, digestive, immune, infestation and infections, genetic, stones, cancer, joint, hip, brain, nervous system, and old age issues. Painfree easy long distance healing while the pet is at home. No report is given but emailed issues I find I share with you.

Pet Healing
Remotely healed fast easy pain free at home. Regular $65 NOW $45 so you SAVE $20 emailed results have the pets drink lots of water