Institute for Hope and Healing

Important updates October 6, 2011

Records in heaven where the karmic programs and deeds by all people are stored was destroyed by Secret Societies years ago. I made a point of restoring all records today and those healed by us will be increasing their abilities back if  Instant Manifestation Healing at 5000% more powerful then any healing we have ever done is ordered and used. Your increased gifts and levels will be felt by you at a low physical limited dimensions alot more. See our webstore for more information on IM healing "Instant Manfestation Healing" also if for any reason results are not achieved after a set of four sessions based on the promised cure rate% and timeline it is free for life.The backward levels of 1-2 DNA and 2000-4000 genes in the genome and low 170-220 hertz energy of all your chakras willl increase thousand fold and karma free perfected and even youthfulness once again can be achieved. Consultation is free for all orders we do not leave you wondering we report what we did and what you have achieved. The New Heavens is now in place after 3-4 years and we now have increased powers like we had in 2004-2007.
Updates on new healings and medical accomplishments:
September and October 2011:
1) We have while a person sleeps flat on ones back replaced entire nerve systems cell by cell no fallible surgery for those who have lost all feeling and abilitites
2) Found a client without a pump and with no spinal fluid recreated it and restored it's function. Remotely the client lies down on his back without moving he/she is healed in 15-20 minutes or less. Her brain was dry is very dangerous situation unless healed.
3) adernal cancer tumors two of them deep inside removed the client rest for one day back to normal 24 hours later.
4) Watery sack with hundreds of micro-parasites and organisms in it was attached to left adernal this was drained and removed with success.
5)Excess bleeding from female organs was cured in weeks and fertility restored .
6) Reconnected 45-50% of all dis-connected neuro-transmitters in a brain and several cranial nerves as well.
7) Newly discovered obese genes turned off with karmic programs removed with agreements to gain weight and have addictions is now easier to remove for good
8) 3 sections of a childs brain sections needed replacing new because healing was not doing the trick was done when child was sleeping. Austism will have much faster recovery and genes why they have it is easily within minutes turned off.

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Five mutated genes found that cause overweight issues

Updated OCT 3, 2011

About 70% of the USA has in 60 years and two generations created genes that stimulate the body to gain 25 lbs up to hundreds of pounds of excess weight. It is handed down by birth in all cases. In 1955 first McDonalds and other fast food places followed by adding the harmful additives in all fast food: pizza, beef and buns and french fried are the worse. These addictive change our genes for generations and these genes are located in the brain and most of the 70% have only one of the five different genes that cause high weight gain. We have in all our cases successfully turned off these genes and then as a certified nutritionist offer helpful motivation and education for diets. The gene does not go away with the elimination of fast foods the gene stays unless we turn it off. Changes the messages going to the glands and the brain that the body is straving itself and  needs more food. It changes the metabolism. It changes parathyriod to be weak and malfunctioning.

Collective Wisdom updated September 21, 2011

Wisdom is energy and so is thought so what we send out we get back in events and matter is changed forever. Wisdom is the application of knowledge. Knowledge has levels of intelligence IQ 90-130 average. We can measure with Bovis energy what levels of wisdom is out there in the unknown:
Universal Wisdom - 830,000 Bovis
 Heavenly Wisdom - 4,000,000 Bovis
Godly wisdom righteous - level one God level 350,000 bovi energy
Higher consciousiness on earth 65,000 Bovis energy
Human wisdom using the average of 2-3 % of your brain 100% population 1100 bovis energy
Alien species wisdom - 3200 bovis energy
animal mammal wisdom 90-1500 bovis
We ( The Miracle Healing Institute) heal with the heavens we are infalliable with the angels and God and we can be released of all that holds us back

When thought is shared and exercised we become part of the universal wisdom and consciousiness. Consciousiness is awareness and helps to contribute to the solutions this world and is needed so badly. This energy is very powerful and if negative thoughts and energy will contribute to the problems. All of our clients have risen they IQ to over 200 and use 100% of they brains when awake and have risen their human consciousiness in bovis energy measurement by 5000-6000 from 200 average. Know all and be all. see order store department for IM healing our most powerful 5000% + Healing.

Becoming Human         updated September 20, 2011

We are made up the following:
 Human consciousiness, unconsciousiness and sub-consciousiness
 Human essense and matrix
 Human wisdom and intelligence IQ
 EQ Emotional intelligence
 Human quailities
 Human spirit and SQ spiritual intelligence and also five elements air, fire, earth, water, and ether also we are made up with realitites, dimensions and frequencies. Then we have organs body systems and glands plus the five senses. Does your doctor heal you as a whole being? We have many reasons for disorders, illnesses and ailments. First it is an imbalance, sometimes impurties, environmental, genetic, karmic, lifestyle living choices, inherited, emotional reasons, and mistreatment by doctors or symptoms due to drugs and treatment. We heal the whole person and to me surgery and drugs is ancient methods BUT we use non envasive, fast, easy, remotely, powerful, non-falliable methods to heal you and it is the way to go.

Almost everyone has an average of the following:
2-3 DNA strands activated
3000-5000 genes down from 20,000-30,000
IQ 100-125
170-260 HZ chakras energy level should be 1000-2000
We raise levels in
one healing to 300-500 DNA 20,000+ genes 1000+ HZ chakras and IQ 160-190 order IM healing Instant Manifestation healing back by popular demand see STORE

What makes a Leader

L : Liston, look and lead
E: Emotional  intelligence
 A: Awareness
 D: Human Doer
 E: Empower others
 R: Respond to others needs

Doing Miracles Worldwide

Here are some of the miracles we follow:
 TAL: Touch for Life foundation 44 kids Ghanua who were sold into being slaves were saved and now are nurtured, taught and loved
Ethiopia _ kids benefit from Bruktuwit Tigabu 28, she establishes WHIZ KIDS workshops series images stories puppets and songs
RIO de Janeiro 
Guatemalon : nurturing network teaches it is a school for street children EDELAC
SOL Source - water purifier
 Sophia says we need Urban farming, floatable houses, Co-op eating, GPS devices to find water in certain areas, public playgrounds for seniors designed, organic seeds saved underground, buy only farmers markets and organic, eat 60/40 raw and organic, stop all addictions, support our instant healing worldwide we have no territory restrictions and we are affordable BUT the government cannot make money off us so we are discredited because we can cure and the medical system would be out of business but since people love suffering maybe not.

Wormholes, Portal holes and Parallel lives

In our realm of 7 million levels of dimensions and frequencies we were a realm of light and dark one of 12 different parallel lives going on at once. When we look into a mirror with a mirror behind us we can energically experience unfinished business from many lifetimes it is dangerous and very bad to do. The NEW Inception movie had a scene showing that and I had to walk out when many things started happening. Many people after that had many dreams that were not theirs.
 Since the beginning of 2011 the righteous Gods with spirits at higher levels beings changed this realm to a 100% righteous and light one. The 12 parallel lives have 3 were light in the past, 4 were dark only and 5 were light/dark they are now all gone with Karmic Laws gone we no longer need to learn through light and dark. The only dark is inside of karmic ridden people that have dark connections to them and no longer need
them they are still married to their beliefs holding them back from being healed. There are six parallel worlds and three parallel universes now all gone. Portal holes are still here we have access to 5 realities and the low rank military is able to control and  use these, for tey have learned this from outer realms of dark we keep destroying. Wormholes no longer exist which are shortcuts through time and space all nine of them are gone. This realm's lower dimensions will no longer exist soon as we are getting ready for 5th dimensional earth.


NEW - Evil intentional Consciousness creation

The low rank military is doing combo of alien/god/human consciousness and working with consciousness control groups to control masses. Your awareness thoughts beliefs and feelings are being influenced daily about 80% of the world is being controled in gentle unaware ways. Our self-hood is stolen and a new developed consciousiness.
They are replacing unconsciousness in each persons sleep while a 20-30% of they own consciousness is inserted inside people's. I had it done and repair it daily.
weather control
economy control
health control
consciousness control
by machines and energy abilities
congress is 85% secret soctities now passing laws and other things with taxes, medical, food, and with resources controling mankind

The Elements of the Qabalah (updated May 25, 2011)

The Qabalah is the heart of the Western Mystery Tradition and a way to personal development and self-realization based on a map of consciousness called the Tree of Life. Satan kept Adam and Eve from the physical Tree of Life that holds the key of all of lifes mysteries. The Tree of Life has many paths and covers such subjects as your chakras, tarot, planets, numbers, the human body and mind emotions and spirit.

"The 32 mystical paths of the concealed glory are ways of life, and those who want to unravel their secrets must tread them " by Dion Fortune

The 10th named Malkuth is discovering the mysteries of the physical universe; the ability to discriminate; physical healing and overcoming inertia and sloth.

The 9th named Yesod is discovering the mysteries of the astral levels and lunar energies; to realize the workings of universal energies; to connect with the divine plan.

The 8th named Hod is discovering the mysteries of information systems and mercurial energies; truthfulness; greater ability to communicate clearly.

The 7th named Netzach is discovering the mysteries of loving sexuality and Venusian energies; unselfishness; increasing artistic creativity.

The 6th named Tiphareth is discovering the mysteries of beauty and harmony and solar energies; central consciousness; stimulating the energy of soul manifesting in life.

The fifth named is Gaburah is discovering the mysteries of power and the use of Martian energies; purposeful change; awakening inner and outer strength.

The fourth named Daath is discovering the mysteries of the shadow side of existence; inner depth explored; knowledge of the rainbow bridge.

The third named Binah is discovering the mysteries of silence and secrecy; increasing understanding; realizing that all things are united.

The second named is Chockmah is discovering the mysteries of purpose and initiative; increasing wisdom; realizing the universal plan as manifest through the world.

The first named is Kether is discovering the mysteries of unity and union; the inner quest; amplification of spiritual energy and the revelation of divine inspiration.

The Tree of Life connects to the four elements of the world.

Fire - Netzach - feelings - sight - heart/solar plexus

Water - Yesod - emotions - taste - belly/lower abs

Air - Hod - thoughts - smell - head/shoulders

Earth - Malkuth - senses - touch - legs/feet/arms/hands

A pray for each sphere is as follows:

Kether: Our father which art in heaven

Chockmah: Hallowed be thy name

Binah: Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

Chesed-Yesod: In earth as it is in heaven

Malkuth: Give us each day our daily bread

Malkuth-Yesod: Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us

Yesod-Tiphareth: For thine is the kingdom

Tiphareth- Kether: The power and the glory, forever and ever

Affirmation: Amen

Sophia consciousness creates transformation

Sophia/Christ Consciousness Creating Global Transformation
Sophia/Christ Consciousness exists within all... This force has been intentionally suppressed so that we are not in our divine essence and true power... We see it on a macro and micro level... This planetary body is veiled, and underneath this veil exists a humanity that is swimming in a lower density pool ruled by lower entities that grab onto anything they can to fulfill their agenda.  This traces back to the way the Anunnaki felt about the Ancient Ones – in desiring to create a slave race that would be ignorant to their own true origins. This mentality and system are known as Archons, which are the lower alien races such as Reptilians, Draconians and Greys and other beings that are either fallen entities from higher systems or the forces that the Demiurge (craftsman – lower creator God) emanates – the Arch-angels being the more positive end of it.  
Many already know about these darker entities and how they are the force behind most power structures in the World. They originated before the Earth came into existence but they are not generators or originators or the True Creator, they are imitators; and certain technologies are the tools they use to dominate, control and act as so-called Gods.  Because they have no inspiring influence or ability to enlighten, they breed, clone and use genetics in an invasive way to spread their influence. 
The Military Industrial Complex has thrived on secrecy, and even as disclosure will happen, it will most likely be done in a manipulated way, never fully revealing why it has been kept secret and what was done behind our back for all of these years.  Disclosure is happening amongst us though and if we can really integrate and understand other valuable truths, we will be protected against them using disclosure to then introduce false concepts that can further draw us into their web of deceit, while allowing the other secrets to slowly be brought into our world, as the introduction of human robots, (which act as human weapons) and ET wars that could be fake or real, slowly start to show themselves.  This is all a part of a meme that we do not have to participate in.  Even if we witness aspects of a catastrophic timeline, we have a choice to not venture down that path and there are ways to avoid it.  Everything we see happening reveals the health of the collective whole that other beings and races reveal as extensions of ourselves, as we are extensions of the many dimensions – emanating the ones that match our vibratory frequency.  If we are not a part of the problem, then we don’t have to engage in their battles and dramas.  I have a good feeling about Obama, but we still should not turn a blind eye to these realities, that even he might not be aware of.
Most of what has been happening in secrecy, though, has created an inevitable drama, as they have been spending trillions of our tax dollars on agendas that only serve their elitist mentalities. This includes: off-planet colonies with the use of teleportation and time-travel, the targeting of individuals who they perceive as a threat, the Secret Space Program, also MK weapons, HAARP, underground bases and strategic false-flag events to further draw us into their manipulative pit like 9-11 did.  Dark rituals, horrific child-abuse and the creation of agents and slaves to serve them, use the knowledge of the occult to infect the planetary body with negative frequencies that is food to them.  This is how they sustain power and influence behind the curtain.  This keeps creating fear, pain, and negative feelings that is a life force that they live on.  As awful as this all sounds, there is a way out.  This is why it is crucial that we understand the concept of Christ-Sophia consciousness and how these lower forces have affected our DNA, and produced this junk DNA (un-used and un-activated) and how that connects to the planetary body and its veils and the suppression of the Goddess. It is not a new-agey thing, this is ancient, it doesn't need to be labeled, it is not about the physical even, or being a female - it is about creation and what we are up against and how much the scales have been tilting towards the war mongers and control freaks... this is a way to soften it all, and return the power to Gaia.

 Their lust for our powerlessness and blind faith is further exacerbated by the use of mind-control and micro-chips that do not allow individuals to access their inner voice and their connection to Source.  Some people are directly involved in the programs, usually beginning in infancy and others are in a kind of trance as the ELF microwave frequencies that are emitted from our TVs keep us locked in a lower mind-set that is obsessed with the lives of others and consumerism. The nerve toxins of chemtrails keep us in a state of nervous system disorder, as we also are infected emotionally and psychically by delusional feelings, alongside a deep and powerful longing to be free, because things are just not right. The lower alien races and their technologies chose Earth allies to create programs with, and they exist on Earth and in underground bases (particularly the Greys) for breeding programs in the attempts to destroy the will of Nature, the Soul and the Higher Consciousness of All – so that they can run the Universe and have ultimate domination, and hide away in their off-planet colonies until perhaps they can come back to Earth and rule, or take it beyond the stars and let Earth just self-destruct.

Unity Consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine to restore balance, nutrition, higher love and wisdom; the pulling of our energy away from feeding the false system; and choosing to detox, deprogram and support the causes that count are where we can best direct our energy.  It is important to have the realization that we are a part of this planetary organism Gaia, which is essentially the body of the Goddess who morphed into the planet and whose womb is both the Cosmic and Earthly.  Gaia is Multi-dimensional who has embodiments of herself on Earth, who act as a bridge to the Higher Worlds and multi-dimensions. Through the cycles of Venus as a Unified field, we are capable of lifting these veils and creating global transformation.

The Goddess energy is our missing link right now, as her story isn’t just one of feminine power in the World – she also represents Cosmic power whose origins are in the creation of all Worlds, in a realm called Ain Soph, or Bythos where Sophia came forth forming the Pleroma and the Aeons – the first womb of creation that birthed divine pairs, Gods and Goddesses.  She is also called the 100,000 name Goddess for her many aspects, embodiments and the different variations that each culture has attributed to her name. She has been venerated in civilizations that we now see in archeological artifacts and ruins. Many who live in those sacred places still hold a strong affinity and honor her and see the land as her body, the Underworld as her womb and consciousness as the Queen of Heaven and Holy Spirit. She has existed in such places as Egypt, Glastonbury, Greece and India and in the myths and legends of Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria and many higher star systems that revere her and embody the essence and aspects.   
But as she was spreading her influence and opening up worlds and higher dimensions, a timeline that opposed it had been building. That drove the most Sacred knowledge and ancient cultures of wisdom underground, or caused collapse due to intense dramas and power struggles by foreign invaders, and drove the Goddess into exile.  This is all a part of the incredible competition and desire of the lower Archonic forces to dominate and control as they have done with most indigenous tribes.  They knew they would return, and the Goddess knew she would have to wait through many cycles for it all to really play itself out and for the maturation of the divine spark within to illuminate, after all the necessary growth, karma, Universal laws and incarnations.
  There are more than one species that have a lust for control – it seems the reptilians are the most dangerous… The problem is they hate the Mother energy and have disassociated from it so much out of a desire to be the ultimate Gods, that they have used religion, the money system and government to rule and prey upon human hosts to carry out their agendas, while appearing as a structure that we might benefit from.  Many are waking up to the lies. Since these are their last attempts to create insult and injury, our environmental problems are increasing and the desire they have to depopulate and poison us by lowering our frequencies even more are causing us to stay trapped beneath the veils.  As a result, our health suffers and our spiritual vitality fades even more, leading us to seek help, doctors, gurus and saviors – which further feeds their lust for power and our belief that we are victims and powerless.  It is important to seek assistance, but at the same time, not lose the awareness of how much power we have to heal and transform.     In unity, no lower races or agendas thrive, and because it has nothing to feed off of, it starves. To lift the veils, we have to emanate the energies of the higher worlds, of love and freedom, and our world will begin to become that.     Races from higher star systems can assist us and act as helpers and messengers; Christ/Sophia consciousness itself is the most potent, as many higher races and spirit guides encourage this development and enlightenment in us. They are in Unity Consciousness, with abilities we are growing into and reawakening – this is also in our divine blueprint and is a spark within all that is capable of being highly illuminated. Hathor is associated with Pleiades, Isis with Sirius, and Sophia/Christ with Ain Soph – we must realize we contain these frequencies in our higher nature.  The myth about Tiamat also explains the formation of the heavens and Earth, since she embodies the seas of chaos.     Why so much focus on the feminine?  It is important we do this because the reason such horrible and horrific agendas have thrived is due to the exile of the Goddess and their total negation of her as our Cosmic Mother, and this is the root of duality, war, poverty and all imbalance. So to put extra focus on the feminine allows us to awaken the Shakti power and recognize her force and the Sacred Union within…     The stories and myths are endless, but the main characters that one deals with when trying to explain Creation and the archetypal influences that are affecting us most – would bring in names such as Christ-Sophia/Isis-Osiris and Yahweh-Jehovah... which is the divine pair and then the Chief Archon.  The names and archetypes are endless, in terms of the many aspects, names and sisters and daughters of the Goddess Sophia, such as – Magdalene, Lilith, Diana, Quan Yin, Ariadne and Kali, Hathor, Brigit and Danu, etc. And the same goes for the Christ with his many aspects, names, brothers and sons such as – Osiris, Dumazzi, Ra, Seth, Thoth, Horus, etc – and they are all have different functions and roles. Howver, it is the divine pair we are looking to, to restore balance... and in the end, we are looking to resolve the archetypal dramas within ourselves and to also recognize the poetic function that they serve to help us to understand Creation and the parts of ourselves that have been led astray from the highest expression of Unity, love, balance and wisdom that the divine pair represents.  The I-Ching assists us in  understanding this, as well as the Tarot.      Some of the more negative races seem to be shifting, and through their observation of certain competitors in the Cosmos, it is possible that some turn to the good, since they hold in their origins a profound connection to the Divine Mother, which is their Mother as well. The fact that they can never have power over her leads them to the choice of surrender or becoming completely obliterated, as the resurrection of the divine feminine begins to resolve duality and reclaim wholeness which thereby makes it harder for them to prey on the vulnerable or even exist.  As Goddess rises out of exile, we too rise out of our deep sleep and amnesia.   The story of Jesus and Magdalene has been completely re-written to diminish Magdalene’s role.  But instead of being Saviors, they are more liberators, capable of assisting us in breaking free from enslavement, showing us that we are just like them.  The concept of Savior or worship is what the elitists want, because as long as we feel weak and need to pray and have faith, the more we are powerless, using the concepts such as punishment, to explain misfortune or why things are so terrible in the World.  As long as we aren’t in our power, we are giving it away, becoming easily gullible and led astray.    These figures were indeed real and these beings are always alive and well, working behind the scenes to bring about transformation, but most potently through initiating self-realization in others and the illumination of the divine spark within. And it is through the depths of our souls, connecting to the Mother womb, reclaiming our power, living from the wisdom of the heart and our connection to Source through our upper chakras, that we find our Christ-Sophia energy in both the upper and lower spheres.  This is really the totality of who we are, as a living Tree of Life, with a root system and branches reaching to the Heavens.   Most things are belief systems, most myth is the story of the dreaming Goddess and the many complex relationships that emerge and then take form... What I share is not told to be an absolute, since truth is in the soul of the beholder, but when one digs really deep into the realm of spirit, they do discover this pair, and an ancient essence awakens, assisting one in clearing the fog and breaking free from any programming that existed in one’s mind before hand. 
 To really simplify things – Sophia as Barbelo who was the first Aeon to emerge from the Deep (Bythos), birthed the Christ energy as she was both Mother and Father.  This happened within the Pleroma, which holds the many Aeonic pairs that emerged from her.  A leak seemed to happen when the Aeon closest the boundary was reacting to the passion that was stirring; this passion came from a desire to understand herself more.  It moved outside of the boundaries of the fullness of God and could not be contained. So in a sense a portion of her was still in the Pleroma, while another portion seemed to move away from it and descend, and in that process matter began to be formed.        
Because Sophia’s dreaming created a kind of leak, this energy current impacted the inert fields of primordial matter (primordial sea of chaos) and formed the Demiurge who then emanated the Archons.  Negative emotions like bewilderment, longing, grief and fear created the demiurge – because the portion of Sophia that leaked outside of the Pleroma longed to return and felt lost.  She was able to pull herself back and saw the disturbance that was created; the only way to resolve the issue was for the Christos energy to soothe her and for Sophia to create a divine plan from the inside and then offer more of her energy to the process and go on a journey away from her home and eventually return.  She put her spark in all beings that were being created, so that they might rise into the Worlds she is from, grow spiritually and be freed from the lower densities that were beginning to form – which would then attempt to enslave, control and entrap.
Many aspects and sisters emerged as She moved closer and closer into her creations.  Because both positive and negative feelings were experienced.  Archons were born of her because they came from her in a sense, but not in the same way as organic species that are held in the Mother womb, birthed with intention. Some dimensions and beings were created from joy, and that gave them a capacity to be angelic and positive gatekeepers in the higher realms of the demiurge’s domain. But the more demonic energies were more disembodied and inorganic, because they were created from a reaction and from her longing and grief; and they took a life of their own that had nothing to do with her or any attributes that she possessed. Even worse than negative beings lower than the demiurge even, has attempted to run our World. They thrive off of negativity; they have no other thought than self-preservation, just like a cancer cell and parasite and they completely lack morals, emotions and even soul.
 Sophia would then morph into the physical planet, walk the Earth and be a bridge between the higher and lower, in order to protect us from the lower Creative male force and all the agents and aspects that emerged from him.  They all wish to deny her existence; they thrive on stolen light and feed off of souls, harvesting their energies for their own survival.     A veil exists between the upper and lower.  The Archons and this false God has ruled in that place, as a sort of gatekeeper.  Sophia through the Venus path and the transits works to correct this. She has a part of herself in the Pleroma though and is always in union with Christ.  When things come to more completion, she will be able to draw in more of the Higher Sophia energies, as she is a mirror of her and the same being.  WE are all of Sophia.  
 From Ancient Sumer, tracing back into the origins of how this was affecting life, this point of Duality was already an issue and led to the Goddess Inanna, another name for Sophia – plunging into the 7 gates of Hell from the more upper planes of Heaven (but not the Pleroma, just beneath it).  This was the beginning her of embodying the Venus transits and global transformation.  She does this to merge with her sister who lay in the World beneath, as an aspect of herself that split from her when she plunged into matter and was dealing with less than divine archetypal forces around her. The story of the Goddess splitting into many aspects also takes the form of Persephone and Demeter; and in a larger picture sense, the Goddess journey is all about retrieving her many aspects and weaving things together – the higher and lower worlds, in order to counteract the goal of the Archons, which is to completely dominate, control, rule Nature and take over the Universe.  This process is to restore the Tree of Life, balance, unity and immortality.

To skip to Eden, when it went to an even more extreme level… I will eventually share hidden information that describes what happened here perhaps, as it was given to me and has never been published. I was identified before I received it, and it included me in it and it explains how the person who gave it to me would find me… like what I looked like, my general personality and mission.

 There is no point in blaming any deity, as this is all generated from Source itself, while free-will is handed to every being to then ride the cycles of time and reincarnation to truly return to what is one’s concept of home, with many levels and dimensions to reside in. We have been robbed from our free-will on many levels, but we take responsibility when we see that there is no separation and we can create global transformation – by seeing ourselves as a microcosm of the greater whole and the love-story of Creation, where the alchemical marriage within is awakened and God and Goddess rest together in eternity on all levels of existence...  End times to me is more about the end of having to share this journey with those who oppose our creative freedom and divine light. The forces that have been feeding off of Gaia and ourselves and have taken our life force, can finally be returned to us – leading to the dream being awakened and harmony being restored through the rays of love, wisdom and Sacred Union… a true Happily Ever After…
Comments from other sources ..............
Unity consciousness and global transformation

In her statement inaugurating 2011, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower goes beyond the breakdown of the Permanent War Economy to the breakthrough of unity consciousness as a driver of a global transformation.

Ms. Eisenhower states:

Unity Consciousness and the return of the Divine Feminine; balance, nutrition, higher love and wisdom; the pulling of our energy away from feeding the false system; and choosing to detoxify, deprogram, and support the causes that count are where we can best direct our energy.  It is important to have the realization that we are a part of this planetary organism, Gaia, which is essentially the body of the Goddess who morphed into the planet and whose womb is both Cosmic and Earthly.  Gaia is multi-dimensional and has embodiments of herself on Earth that act as a bridge to the higher worlds and multi-dimensions. Through the cycles of Venus as a unified field, we are capable of lifting these veils and creating global transformation…

Laura Eisenhower speaks of the return of the Divine Feminine.  She states:

The Goddess energy is our missing link right now, as her story isn’t just one of feminine power in the world – she also represents cosmic power, whose origins are in the creation of all worlds, in a realm called Ain Soph, or Bythos, where Sophia came forth forming the Pleroma and the Aeons – the first womb of creation that birthed divine pairs, Gods and Goddesses.  She is also called the 100,000 name Goddess for her many aspects, embodiments and the different variations that each culture has attributed to her name. She has been venerated in civilizations that we now see in archeological artifacts and ruins.  Many who live in those sacred places still hold a strong affinity for her and honor her and see the land as her body, the Underworld as her womb and consciousness as the Queen of Heaven and Holy Spirit. She has existed in such places as Egypt, Glastonbury, Greece, and India and in the myths and legends of Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria and many higher star systems that revere her and embody the essence and aspects of her.

Unexplained deaths in animals and other changes

*****These cattle if examine no longer have any DNA or genes mankind only has one left and 3000 genes
Maganetic North changes:
Triple Suns first time in China :  Because of the Mayan  Events
MOST ACCURATE VIDEO HERE : ALMOST ! MILLION VIEWS. This event will happen in three months July and last until October 2011

19 foods that detox you of radiation

Here’s 19 of the best:

  1. Brown rice
  2. Seaweed
  3. Kelp
  4. Miso
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Spirulina
  7. Bee pollen
  8. Wheat grass
  9. Rosemary
  10. Blue-green algae
  11. Beets
  12. Garlic
  13. Ginger
  14. Alfalfa sprouts
  15. Broccoli
  16. Onions
  17. Olive oil
  18. Leafy greens
  19. Apples and other sources of pectin

Feed Me with Caution 4-11-2011

What is in and on our food without labeling or prior knowledge:
1) Nano-technology packaging and inserting it in food itself and on textiles too. Total of 300,000 products affected and it never leaves the environment or the body it just builds up. danger of 10%-100% this product is 100% dangerous. 25%+ causes cancer 45%+ brain problems.

2) Radiated foods causes the color not to fade on older meats kills germs and stays fresher longer. Danger scale 70% causes nutrition is be destroyed and DNA damage.Unlabeled

3) Cloned foods - unlabled danger level 85%
 25%- less nutrition 30% changes in gene formation and sequences and 25% changes in chromosomes.Unlabled Cloned or Conventional, Meat Is Unsafe

PETA - Heather Moore -
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently declared that meat and milk from cloned cows, pigs and goats and their offspring are as safe to eat as food from conventionally bred animals Thats like saying that brand A cigarettes are as safe to smoke as brand B. The question isnt whether meat and milk from cloned animals pose additional health risks it is why would anyone want to consume meat and milk at all?

4) GMO foods danger level 75% Today we have over 176 million acres, 45%+ strips your small intestines of its lining causing allergies, digestive upsets, immune disorders, and metabolic malifunction
In oil, grain,  produce, dairy, animals for meat...Unlabled READ MORE:
5) NEW product not introduced to the public yet. Packages produce 100% dangerous chemical that causes insanity, and cancer.
 FDA knows this information and are 55% secret society and Congress passing bills are now 68% secret society. Majority in power want to reduce population by 90% they are the ones making the decisions.


Good News

The crack in the shield is staying at 15% damage milder Ice Age then first thought may go down to 20-30 degrees worldwide for only 5 years. Danger from weather disaster will still loom. The main concern earth quakes affecting some of the 250 nuclear reactors around the world. Radiation in the air and water will rise gradually from 5-6-7-8 over next few montha depending on where you live 6.2 safe limit or below. Radiation is leaking through the 15% damaged shield toward earth.

Mother Earth's March 23rd updates

Magnetic storms are on the rise!

What has been happening to the earth?
Earth's liquid core 35%- weakening
Since 2011 Sun rises 2 days earlier in Greenland
earth is wobbling 10%+due to the crack of shield
Measurement of cosmic rays is 45%+ over
antimatter 28%+ detected in heavens
Earth's magnetic shield has a crack 10% 4-5 weeks ago now it is 22% today
The Magnetic reversal last one was 800,000 years ago we are 4% into it today
decline intensity of the maganetic field at equator is 15%- less
What this all means is that we are 45%+ toward a mini Ice Age that will be with us for 1800 years. Globally we will be 15%+ cooler then normal in April and May we will be 25%+ cooler and June and July will be 45% cooler. No crops, wet, cold, damp, floods, snow, sleet, ice and high winds. The next hugh earthquake will be in India in a matter of weeks........since this is all due to the Mayan events even Gods have no say over helping mankind and changing events these events must occur. Best course of action turn off all 250 reactors in 56 countries until the end of this year....This crack in the shield has risen the radiation by 1-2 toward 6.2 our limit.

Measuring radiation under 6.2 is ok- updated 3-22-11

Despite fears, radiation health risk remains low Posted on March 15, 2011 in: Hot News Easy AdSense by Unreal Amid dire reports of melting fuel rods and sickened workers at Japan’s beleaguered Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactor, the public health risk from radiation exposure remains very low in that country — or abroad, experts say.

“In general, right now, the citizens of Japan have far more other things to worry about than nuclear power,” said Richard L. Morin, a professor of radiologic physics at the Mayo Clinic and chair of the safety committee of the American College of Radiology.

“There’s not a significant risk to anybody in the United States, including Hawaii,” he added.

Japan earthquake

Japan death toll rises, survivors struggle

Updated 37 minutes ago 3/15/2011 3:50:31 AM +00:00 Japanese police say the official death toll from last week’s massive earthquake and tsunami has risen to 2,414.

Updated 2 minutes ago 3/15/2011 4:26:14 AM +00:00 Japan PM: Radiation leaking from damaged plant
Nuke industry vows that reactors will be ‘even safer’
Japan’s earthquake: How to help
International rescue effort gathers pace in Japan

Tsunami survivor: ‘It took everybody’

It only took minutes for the tsunami that obliterated an entire Japanese fishing port to turn the Minami Sanriku Hospital into a morgue. NBC’s Lee Cowan reports.

Time-lapse of earthquake aftershocks

Since the initial 8.9-magnitude quake, Japan has been struck by hundreds of aftershocks.

Images of chaos, destruction

Updated 62 minutes ago 3/15/2011 3:25:58 AM +00:00 8.9-magnitude quake, tsunami cause enormous damage.

Though talk of a nuclear “meltdown” raises specters of acute radiation sickness and long-term cancers, such as those seen after the 1986 Chernobyl accident in which the reactor blew up, the radiation levels detected outside the Japan plant remain within legal limits, Japanese officials told reporters.

Exposure lower than CT scans, air flight American experts monitoring the situation agreed, saying that reported radiation exposure remains far lower than normal exposure from background radiation in the environment, from medical procedures such as CT scans, or even from transatlantic air flights.

“I haven’t seen anything so far that seems to indicate that people are being exposed to levels of radiation that are acutely dangerous,” said G. Donald Frey, a professor of radiology at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Experts measure exposure to ionizing radiation in several ways, but the most current and accepted is based on the sievert, a unit named after R.M. Sievert, a 20th century Swedish physicist. The average person in the United States is exposed to about 6.2 millisieverts annually, with about half from background radiation and about half from medical sources.

For comparison, some experts refer to rem and millirem as measures of radiation exposure, but they’re generally considered to be outdated terms. 1 rem is equal to 10 millisievert.  

Using the newer measure, a one-time CT scan can expose a person to between 5 and 10 millisieverts. An X-ray of the spine might expose a patient to an estimated 1.5 millisieverts. A long, cross-country air flight might expose someone to about .03 millisieverts. A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day is exposed to 53 millisieverts each year, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Story: Japan PM: Radiation leaking from damaged plant

So far, Japanese officials have reported possible top exposures at the plant of .5 millisieverts per hour, a level that has dropped to perhaps .04 millisieverts per hour, Frey said. While that level is concerning to plant workers, residents who heeded a 12-mile evacuation zone would not be affected, said Dr. James H. Thrall, chief radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

“That would only expose nuclear plant workers,” he said. “If you’re even 100 feet away, or 1,000 feet away, the exposure drops dramatically.”

The Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, located off the Pacific Coast, is the most devastated of the four Japanese nuclear complexes damaged by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. A Japanese official said 22 people had suffered radiation contamination and 190 may have been exposed Saturday after an explosion at the plant’s Unit 1.  

Japanese officials ordered evacuation of an estimated 185,000 residents within about 12 miles of the plant. Officials have distributed 230,000 units of stable iodine to protect against thyroid cancer in case of radioactive exposure, but it’s still just a precaution, experts noted.

The typical limit for radiation exposure beyond background radiation is about 1 millisievert a year, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commision. Adults who work in places where nuclear radiation is expected, such as plant workers or uranium hospital workers, are limited to 50 millisieverts per year, the NRC says.

People exposed to 1,000 millisieverts per year are considered at risk for acute radiation sickness, but will likely survive, Thrall said.

“At 10,000 millisieverts, you die rapidly and with a high probability,” he added.

Even if the workers at the nuclear plant in Japan were exposed continuously to .5 millisieverts per hour, it would take about 40 hours before them to reach the yearly limit for exposure. Now that the level has fallen, so has the risk, Thrall said.

Favorable winds Prevailing westerly winds have helped the situation, blowing any contamination out to sea, experts said. But it’s highly unlikely that contamination will reach the shores of the United States, they add.

Of course, the situation could change rapidly, noted Morin.

“The most serious situation to me would be if there were a core meltdown,” he said. “That might cause a significant release of radiation to the environment and that would be one of the biggest things. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen right now, but you can’t be certain.”

In the meantime, the U.S. experts cautioned observers, especially those in the U.S., to keep the situation in perspective.

“There’s very little likelihood of any concern,” said Thrall. “Instead, I would advise people to look both ways before crossing the street.”

Updates 3-16-11 daily insights keep an open mind....

About 8 months ago I spoke of DNA and genes shrinking in people by 50%-80%. Now not only that is happening but several 2-3 organs are shutting down and no longer working. Symptoms you will notice is weak immune, poor sleep, tired, slow in thinking, and stressed out. The organs are the same in all people adernals, spleen and pineal. In less then a week from now 100% of all will have 3 organs 100% dead.  50% USA citizens have only one DNA and those enlightened ones with 12-24+ DNA might have 2-3 DNA now at one no longer does one have the blueprint of life. Increase of energy drinks and caffiene in 8 months here in the USA is 27%+.

3-12-11 updates today reversal of poles NASA spoke of 2009 are happening now

Shield for the earth has weakened 15% as of March 12, 2011
That spells an increase in skin cancer by 25%+ now and wobble of the earth has increased 22%. The radiation coming through has increased 18%. Inner core is speeding up 30% and liquid middle core area 21% more active, 15%+ increase under the mantle crust causing the earthquake activity we see today. It is part of the Mayan Events an event unable to be stopped this late in the activation by even Gods we are stuck to go through this. Just how severe will be the little Ice Age. In May normal temps for eastern USA is 72 degrees it will be 45-55 degrees and June ten degrees even lower no crops this year. Then in JUly 2011 when Ice age is full blast 30 degrees the first week then last week 0 degrees. The high anywhere on the globe will be 12 degrees and the low 6 below zero. Stockmarket will crash, utilities will run out and government will take reserves oil/gas for themselves. By early fall late summer no heat will be left except woodburning sources. Growing crops indoors will help. Mayan Events and ice Age and earth changes are creating changes in brain and behavior of mankind more pronounced dark negative emotions will be expressed and panic will set in.The media will downplay it when in May 2011 people start showing a concern.

 pdated 3-11-11       Are Events Speeding up?

I reported a while back how the righteous Gods early into the Mayan Evetns stop the events. Then you heard on the news and internet how Mayan must of gotten the dates wrong. Well, weeks ago I found out outside realms of endlessness; one of the highest evil being started the Mayan Event again. When I measure this it started at 35%+ increase over the normal speed now today it is at 55%+ and Japan had an earthquake at 8.9 and 1000 mile felt affect by ocean currents. Now wobble in the earth is at 15%+ and causing all sorts of weather disasters mostly earthquakes. I am so sensitive because my aura and invisible bodies are so large that I feel the wobble even on the east coast NOT earthquake wobble BUT inner core, middle core and under the crust change of speed causing an internal wobble of the earth globally. I see 8 massive earthquakes in 8 locations of the world happening before July 2011, from western Europe to India and California and New York at 8-10.9 on the scale. I see pacific disaster like we have seen in the past 1-2 months in Austrailia and New Zealand now Japan....come to the East Coast and the Atlantic in several months in a major way. Travel will be Russian roulette right now...

3-11-11  Cloned foods: are you eating it?

A report from New Zealand this week suggested just one in ten cloned animals survived into adulthood.
Emma Hockridge, head of policy at the Soil Association, the leading organic certification body, said: “It is unacceptable that the Government has come to this conclusion without adequate evidence. The impact of cloned foodstuffs on human health cannot at this point be adequately assessed on the basis of existing scientific data.

“At a time when Government is expressing a desire to move towards ‘honest labeling’ of food, so consumers understand what they are purchasing and know its provenance, cloned animals and their offspring should not be allowed to enter the food chain.”
Milk and meat from the offspring of cloned animals should be allowed to go on sale, according to a government minister.

The comments are the clearest sign that the Government will give the official green light to farmers and food companies who want to supply butchers and supermarkets with the controversial products.

James Paice Minister of State

However, animal welfare campaigners said they were “utterly dismayed” by the ministerial statement, saying it opened the door to widespread cloning, with consumers unable to tell whether they were eating meat originating a cloned animal or not.

The statement was made by Jim Paice, the food and farming minister, in response to a written question from Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP.

Currently the Food Standards Agency believes that any food company attempting to sell food from not just a cloned animal – but crucially, also the offspring of a cloned animal – needs to apply for a so-called “novel food” license.

Mr Paice pointed out that the Europe Commission interpreted the current food legislation differently from the FSA; the Commission believes the rules apply only to food from cloned animals themselves, not their offspring.
USA cloned foods include beef products unlabled 9% of the total beef sold

 Final Cloning Risk assessment:

Risk Management Plan:

Guidance for Industry:

More information on cloning is available in the cloning section of

Be Aware to be shocked updated 3-6-11

Drugs in USA cure and kill for decades and decades. Since 63% of all scientist are global genocide agenda members of secret soctitites creating and oking these drugs. These same people believe that 90% of the population needs to die. These drugs are given to USA Doctors who are 65% global genocide agenda members of secret soctitites. Vatican, low rank military, CEO and governmental people are also part of this agenda to  decrease the 90% of people. Now that everyone is stupid ( see articles below) sick, over weight, genetically dying and Mayan Events are increasing at 40%+  over normal, these drugs will be used for more then cures. It is enough when you turn on TV, read a magazine etc and see dozens of ads for drugs today. Even worse scientist, doctors and others have an agenda for common drugs to be used and produced in a way to to give more then a dozen bad symptoms with fatal consequences: Sex inducing drugs, ADD drugs, heart medicines, blood sugar medicines, etc Seven drugs all together will be used in next 1-3 months. Mini Ice Age is here by July 2011 over night, (read below articles) and Nasa's fears of the earth's shield weakening, cracking and wobbling plus dipping affects - we are now experiencing...

Be Aware to be shocked updated 3-6-11

Vanishing Human Consciousness is making all people STUPID.
The Mayan Events restarted at 40%+ increase has caused mankind to go backwards in unseen and mostly unfelt ways :
90% human consciousness is gone
75% awareness is gone
35% brain cells are dead
50% of all DNA and genes are dead
65% pineal spiritual gland for sleep etc is shut down
50%- reflection and deep thought to make great decisions are gone
Soul Integration and Re-Creation healing raises IQ SQ EQ by 45% and restores human consciousness 100%. Have you had a free remote health checkup send email to

 Be Aware to be shocked updated 3-6-11

For 14 years GMO foods have been eaten by Americans unlabled what are the hidden facts:
Cows factory farms are now 64% GMO converted species we eat the flesh, milk, butter and cheese cows will die at 75%
People are converted in 14 years from 100% human species to another by 55% people would die at 65%
Produce in USA supermarkets grown on US soil :80% all produce is GMO
Corn oil corn syrup etc is 85% GMO
Wheat natural or not is 83% GMO
Sugar is 100% GMO
Rice now is 75%
20% of all foods are cloned now
After 3-4 years of GMO consuming:
1) 66% of your immune shuts down ( science reports )
2) 100% of all people get fatter
3) 75% of your small intestinal lining is destroyed ( science reports )
4) 45% weakening of integrity of life and longivity
5) 65% produce alleriges ( science reports )
6) 22% infertile
7) 30% low birth weight rates
8) 15%+ increase in premature births
9) changes the human species over all 75%
10) changes the brain and decreases the IQ by 25% 
100% natural loaf of wheat bread is 100% GMO do not be fooled by the lable natural
organic is the only sure thing that do not contain GMO now they want to get rid of organics or regulate it by changing that too - New Congress, New laws 85% Congress now is global genocide agenda members of secret soctitites.
Consuming of GMO per country:
India 37%
South America 40%
Hawaii 10%
Alaska 20% 
America 77%
Japan 25%
China 36%
South Africa 15%
Korea 15%
Russia 10%
Canada 19%
Northern Europe 16%
Western Europe 20%
Eastern Europe and most Islands 0%
BEER made in USA is 45% GMO  USA produced Coffee is 40% GMO Imported 20%
Read "The Perfected Diet" How to eat Organic Gourmet on $8 a Day!
Restore your genetic matter with our cellular healing which is part of Soul Integration and Re-Creation healing 13 page SIR see Web Store here or have a free health checkup emailing me at or call me for free at 1-860-712-0076 

Changes to expect Polar shift updated today 3-3-11
Warning this web site requires an open mind......... 

Ocean ice melting has increased recently by 15% which aids in leading to a mini Ice Age. By August 2011 the power grid will go out. Earth has lost today 25%+ of its oxygen filtering ability and increase to 50% loss by August 2011. Weather changes to expect:
earthquakes - May-August 50%+ increase
volcano - May - August 30%+ increase
hurricane activity increase from may to August 2011 - 60%+
Tornado activity increase 400%+ from May to August 2011
Tsunami activity increase 45%+
Flood increase 45%+
cyclone activity 40%+ all these are averages globally
Inner core has heated up 15% and surface of earth cooled 18%; by August 2011 inner core will rise 18% and surface will cool 65%+.
What is causing this suddenly change? Evil most high  beings that knew our righteous most high beings stopped the Mayan Event has so late in the game reactivated it and created the event to speed up 35%+. It is too late to stop it now. We all will be cancer without the shield that now has a 10% crack will increase may to august 2011 38% surge. I can cure cancer in 1-3 weeks time 13 page SIR report...govermental collaspe and militray takeover plus violence panic inhuman conditions plus food water will be almost gone. Tempertures will be 12 degrees above zero to 6 below globally. Right now much speculation as far as how bad it will be is everywhere, many have no current information since the heavens and other realms have influenced it, only I have the curent and future truths. Stay healed attract wealth be healed and purchase my soon released e-book on how to survive a mini-ice age. Keep reading the below info on Nasa concerns!! call me at 860-712-0076

Warning! This web site Requires an open mind!           updated 3-2-2011 
This morning I awoke to a different Inception affect combining dreams with reality instantly they do it now. I am always tested on first, then I ask and find out that soon the whole world will  experience it. 2.8 billion people in 2 weeks have been fried remotely as of 2-28-11 with micro-wave machines, none stop- 16,000 people per second. Who is doing it? Same that did the last 4 global genocide events from avain and swine flu to atom smasher etc. 40% organs malfunctioning weak and dying brain cells too. I can unfry tissues, cells and organs by using the  13 page SIR session. The enemy - First fry people is the goal then insert night mare dreams and make them integrate with consciousness....I have had it on me and healed least get a checkup by me email me full birth name date sex promised cure rate timeline and recommended session is given.
Minor Ice Age is expected this year - that is 6 below zero up to 12 degrees above zero with 50 - 90 miles an hour winds for 2000 years. A major Ice Age will last 3800 years and be 6 below zero to 30 below zero and 100-300 mile an hour winds.
Magnetic field of the earth has changed dipped 60%, cracked 10%, weaken 30%, and has caused weather disasters and changes by 25%. February 22, 2011 6.3 earth quake New Zealand Christ Church and worldwide 250,000 killed in 2010 due to weather disaster. Green land has melted in 10 years 12% and will melt another 33% in next 3 months+.

Ice Age could start in a mere months.....20%+ now into major Ice Age

by Terrence Aym February 17, 2011

Don't let anyone tell you that Ice Ages take thousands of years to happen. After all, anyone that researches what happened to the Woolly Mammoths some 10,000 to 11,000 years ago in the tundra of northern Siberia will understand that an Ice Age and massive
climate change can occur in not thousands of years—not even years—but months. And those dead mammoths were found flash-frozen with undigested food still in their stomachs. Frozen so quickly and thoroughly that the natives that unearthed them ate some of the meat with no ill effects.
Now scientist
William Patterson, at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, has proven that if the North Atlantic circulation current is stopped the entire northern hemisphere rapidly falls into a major Ice Age. How rapid? Mere months.Researchers had thought that the process could take tens of years or more.The reason that an Ice Age develops so swiftly has to do with the warmth of the ocean current. Without that warming circulation ice sheets quickly grow. The last time this occurred civilization collapsed.Less than 13,000 years ago a "Big Freeze" hit the northern climes. Called the "Younger Dryas," the Ice Age lasted approximately 1,300 years.It happened because sudden surges of fresh water invaded the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. A huge glacial in North America overflowed and poured untold billions upon billions of gallons of water into the salt water, diluting it. Lake Agassiz literally dumped all its water into the oceans over a period of days. The gigantic lake contained more water than all the other great lakes combined.When the fresh water diluted the salinity of the seawater, the North Atlantic conveyor belt stopped and the Ice Age began.Although previous ice core samples seemed to indicate that the process took decades, new evidence has been discovered in Greenland that an amazingly abrupt climate change from a temperate climate to a new Ice Age erupted in a matter of months—perhaps two years at the very most.Discussing the revelation, Patterson believes a "Big Freeze" can happen again. "If the Greenland ice sheet melted suddenly it would be catastrophic."Recently indications are it may do just that. "A University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher Sebastian H. Mernild and colleagues from the United States, United Kingdom and Denmark discovered that from 1995 to 2007, overall precipitation on the ice sheet decreased while surface ablation—the combination of evaporation, melting and calving of the ice sheet—increased." They published the results of the study in the journal Hydrological Processes.Their research also showed that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting much faster than thought at a rate 50 percent faster than during the 20th Century.And the melt rate is accelerating.Patterson, presented his research team's findings at the European Science Foundation BOREAS conference on humans in the Arctic, in Rovaniemi, Finland.With the relatively recent increase in volcanic activity, the possibility of a geomagnetic reversal, and the expectations of a dramatic "cool down" in the sun, an Ice Age is on our doorstep. Some think we may have already entered the early stages.During an Ice Age the regions to the extreme north melt and become ice free. The ice moves south, ringing the Earth like a donut. The donut hole is over the arctic ocean at the top of the world. Evidence shows that parts of far northern Alaska, Siberia and Greenland warmed slightly before freezing again.Such a scenario could correlate with Patterson's findings.If true, many populated areas would become unlivable. Perhaps the UK and Scandinavia would suffer the most.

Pole Shift and Magnetic Field

This event is marked by increased violence, crime and senseless behavior. Notice the news.......

CHICAGO) - NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples…

Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather.
Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field.

When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.

Magnetic polar shifts have occurred many times in Earth's history. It's happening again now to every planet in the solar system including Earth.

The magnetic field drives weather to a significant degree and when that field starts migrating superstorms start erupting.

The superstorms have arrived

The first evidence we have that the dangerous superstorm cycle has started is the devastating series of storms that pounded the UK during late 2010.

On the heels of the lashing the British Isles sustained, monster storms began to lash North America. The latest superstorm—as of this writing—is a monster over the U.S. that stretched across 2,000 miles affecting more than 150 million people.

Yet even as that storm wreaked havoc across the Western, Southern, Midwestern and Northeastern states, another superstorm broke out in the Pacific and closed in on Australia.

The southern continent had already dealt with the disaster of historic superstorm flooding from rains that dropped as much as several feet in a matter of hours. Tens of thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. After the deluge tiger sharks were spotted swimming between houses in what was once a quiet suburban neighborhood.

Shocked authorities now numbly concede that much of the water may never dissipate and have wearily resigned themselves to the possibility that region will now contain a new inland sea.

But then only a handful of weeks later another superstorm—the megamonster cyclone Yasi—struck northeastern Australia. The damage it left in its wake is being called by rescue workers a war zone.

The incredible superstorm packed winds near 190mph. Although labeled as a category-5 cyclone, it was theoretically a category-6. The reason for that is storms with winds of 155mph are considered category-5, yet Yasi was almost 22 percent stronger than that.

A cat's cradle

Yet Yasi may only be a foretaste of future superstorms. Some climate researchers, monitoring the rapidly shifting magnetic field, are predicting superstorms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph.

Such storms would totally destroy anything they came into contact with on land.

The possibility more storms like Yasi or worse will wreak havoc on our civilization and resources is found in the complicated electromagnetic relationship between the sun and Earth. The synergistic tug-of-war has been compared by some to an intricately constructed cat's cradle. And it's in a constant state of flux.

The sun's dynamic, ever-changing electric magnetosphere interfaces with the Earth's own magnetic field affecting, to a degree, the Earth's rotation, precessional wobble, dynamics of the planet's core, its ocean currents and—above all else—the weather.

Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield

The Earth's northern magnetic pole was moving towards Russia at a rate of about five miles annually. That progression to the East had been happening for decades.

Suddenly, in the past decade the rate sped up. Now the magnetic pole is shifting East at a rate of 40 miles annually, an increase of 800 percent. And it continues to accelerate.

Recently, as the magnetic field fluctuates, NASA has discovered "cracks" in it. This is worrisome as it significantly affects the ionosphere, troposphere wind patterns, and atmospheric moisture. All three things have an effect on the weather.

Worse, what shields the planet from cancer-causing radiation is the magnetic field. It acts as a shield deflecting harmful ultra-violet, X-rays and other life-threatening radiation from bathing the surface of the Earth. With the field weakening and cracks emerging, the death rate from cancer could skyrocket and mutations of DNA can become rampant.

Another federal agency, NOAA, issued a report caused a flurry of panic when they predicted that mammoth superstorms in the future could wipe out most of California. The NOAA scientists said it's a plausible scenario and would be driven by an "atmospheric river" moving water at the same rate as 50 Mississippi rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Magnetic field may dip, flip and disappear

The Economist wrote a detailed article about the magnetic field and what's happening to it. In the article they noted:

"There is, however, a growing body of evidence that the Earth's magnetic field is about to disappear, at least for a while. The geological record shows that it flips from time to time, with the south pole becoming the north, and vice versa. On average, such reversals take place every 500,000 years, but there is no discernible pattern. Flips have happened as close together as 50,000 years, though the last one was 780,000 years ago. But, as discussed at the Greenland Space Science Symposium, held in Kangerlussuaq this week, the signs are that another flip is coming soon."

Discussing the magnetic polar shift and the impact on weather, the scholarly paper "Weather and the Earth's magnetic field" was published in the journal Nature. Scientists too are very concerned about the increasing danger of superstorms and the impact on humanity.

Superstorms will not only damage agriculture across the planet leading to famines and mass starvation, they will also change coastlines, destroy cities and create tens of millions of homeless.

Superstorms can also cause certain societies, cultures or whole countries to collapse. Others may go to war with each other.

A Danish study published in the scientific journal Geology, found strong correlation between climate change, weather patterns and the magnetic field.

"The earth's climate has been significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field, according to a Danish study published Mondaythat could challenge the notion that human emissions are responsible for global warming.

"'Our results show a strong correlation between the strength of the earth's magnetic field and the amount of precipitation in the tropics,' one of the two Danish geophysicists behind the study, Mads Faurschou Knudsen of the geology department at Aarhus University in western Denmark, told the Videnskab journal.

"He and his colleague Peter Riisager, of the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), compared a reconstruction of the prehistoric magnetic field 5,000 years ago based on data drawn from stalagmites and stalactites found in China and Oman."

In the scientific paper "
Midday magnetopause shifts earthward of geosynchronous orbit during geomagnetic superstorms with Dst = -300 nT" the magnetic intensity of solar storms impacting Earth can intensify the effects of the polar shift and also speed up the frequency of the emerging superstorms.

Pole reversal may also be initiating new Ice Age

According to some geologists and scientists, we have left the last interglacial period behind us. Those periods are lengths of time—about 11,500 years—between major Ice Ages.

One of the most stunning signs of the approaching Ice Age is what's happened to the world's precessional wobble.

The Earth's wobble has stopped

As explained in the geology and space science website, "The Chandler wobble was first discovered back in 1891 by Seth Carlo Chandler an American astronomer.

The effect causes the Earth's poles to move in an irregular circle of 3 to 15 meters in diameter in an oscillation. The Earth's Wobble has a 7-year cycle which produces two extremes, a small spiraling wobble circle and a large spiraling wobble circle, about 3.5 years apart.

For the conclusion of this article, visit:

Also, as a response to comments, Terrence added this:

2002 - Scientists may have detected the beginning of the field's next such reversal:

2005 - Movement of North Magnetic Pole is accelerating:

2008 - Earth's Core, Magnetic Field Changing Fast, Study Says

2008 - Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to Sun

2009 - North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux

2009 - The earth's climate is significantly affected by the planet's magnetic field:

Jan 2011 - British Geological Survey *Possible Pole Shift Occurring* South Atlantic Anomaly is Growing:

2009 - A strong, highly-tilted interstellar magnetic field near the Solar System:

2009 - The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud that physics says should not exist:

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Yellowstone Supervolcano, New Ice Age Could Topple US Government - Terrence Aym

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New Congress 85% global genocide agenda members making new regulations and Laws

Picture  making growing and buying organics almost impossible so GMO is forced on people
175 million acres of GMO foods

DNA communication, spiritual evolution and antenna to God

There are six secret codes to life and DNA is one. The shape and contents create a means to communicate with God. It serves as part of the blue print of life itself. It can be the means to end life and create the extinction of life. This was put in motion for our earth 700,000 years ago by someone 5 levels higher then a God. Now we face this extinction in a silent and secret way. The good news and hope we can embrace is the activation of all your junk DNA a true accomplish of our Institute. The same accomplishment we are doing with the genes in the genome. Six years ago we were 30,000 genes strong, now we are all 3000-5000 genes and shrinking fast. Our clients have thousands of DNA and hundreds of thousands of genes and in turn a perfect  life is assured.

Two years ago in 2008 genes in the genome went from 31,000 down to 20,000 measure it now it is 2 1/2 years later in 2011 down to 3000 - 5000.

*Science News    Email Human Gene Count Tumbles Again ScienceDaily (Jan. 15, 2008) — Estimates of the number of genes in the human genome have ranged wildly over the past two decades, from 20,000 all the way up to 150,000. By the time the working draft of the human genome was published in 2001, the best approximation stood at 35,000, yet even that number has fallen. A new analysis, one that harnesses the power of comparing genome sequences of various organisms, now reveals that the true number of human genes is about 20,500, thousands fewer than what is currently listed in human gene catalogs.
Discovery done on January 22, 2011:
I am so upset by lastest discoveries in 11 months for other people and 1 1/2 years for me 55% of entire world is changing species. From human or human Indigo to 2 other species ( not alien and not human ) for the star system in 400th dimension. I had to do 3 hours of research on myself and change me back to normal. What a difference i see and feel. Now some people may notice a difference smaller mouth gums and jaw area and also tongue when licking your lips acts a bit different. Many are not sensitive enough to notice. I measure from 14%-26% all have changed cells, organs, energy, personailty, your blueprint. I will later today have a new article out on it. I also put together quickly a new healing to measure and restore ones human matrix blueprint.  "Species Blueprint Integrity Healing" is attached above to view. A free checkup for all people is available. Articles in the news speaks of human changes but they are not sure why this is happening. This species has reduced the human brain by 1/2 lb to 1 lb smaller. Your body, consciousness, energy, atomic and cellular, and organs/glands are all restore back. This healing must take place at night when one sleeps because eating for 7-8 hours is not recommended. So with that said this healing uses the  Vortex power points for Jesus and his bride to use 900% powerful /with the memory of the species with it for accurate healing and restoring. So, no one that is partial human or alien can be healed. So get tested for free first to see if you need it. birth name/date/sex 

Consciousness with unlimited potential

We have the ability for the first time to enhance consciousness in humans by removing negative karma and blocks. Those who heal with us in time are able to access God consciousness in heaven. We have animal consciousness, human consciousness, alien consciousness, God consciousness, higher consciousness, super consciousness, and non-being consciousness.
Our IQ, SQ and EQ advances up in levels and that can be recorded and read on your healing reports. Soul Integration and Re-Creation is the most powerful healing in human history is very much needed and given to us by the our personal higher source in heaven to prevent the extinction of man

Longevity Potential

We all have a secret code contained within the DNA and Genes to live forever. This code is turned off due to imperfection and our agreement to learn through dark and light . Several years ago Karmic Laws were done away with the onset of the Mayan Events. Those with karma carried over from past lives carry this burden to stay in the 3rd dimension while this earth has already changed to the 5th dimension. In turn now 99% of man is shrinking backwards because the  new earth does not support life in reverse at the 3-4th D. So instead of 4-5 DNA at birth people have 1-2 DNA. At 2 DNA the blueprint to continue life is gone and at 1 is 100% gone thus it takes months to die. At 4000 genes the blueprint of life is 100% gone as well. So as you recieve our FREE health checkup see what levels you are at and know hope is there and it is easy to heal and with wisdom NO fear is needed.

The Human Spirit and other Beings

We have many spirits in heaven. We are the Galactic under world of the 3rd dimension and at the very end of needing this low level. The Mayan Events are to end this time and also this level of learning. We can learn more through light and love with dark qualities at a distance to learn from without it becoming part of us. The new heavens in place and Karmic Laws gone, now Masters, Spirit guides and Higher selves are no longer needed here at the 5th dimension. We will have a personal array of angels and an enlightened personal crystal spirit plus perfected cells and bodies. Now is the time to heal and prepare for this.


Intelligence and Genius

We have three intelligence IQ SQ EQ mental, emotional and spiritual. The veil of ignorance is cut and removed with karma clearing thus removing the veil and increasing cells by the tens of thousands of brain cells. IQ will go up 30-70 points per healing with S.I.R Soul Integration and Re-Creation. Intellingence is contained every where. In our bodies it is in our third eye chakras which is where spiritual intelligence increases, it is also in our spiritual aura and bodies. In the body intelligence is also in the brain in three sections; brain stem, cortex and cerebellum. Our clients brains increase in size by 1-2 lbs and cranial sacral adjustments are done.

The Cause and Solution of Disorders that preplex Doctors and Scientist

Autism is a hot debate. Autism is caused by five different things. First, Toxic Metals, birth trauma and injury,  70%+ caused by vaccines amounts and types, 35%+ caused by drugs and 
nerves 2 areas are involved autonomic nerves and sensory nerves. I have found one or more then one of the above are the cause. I see three stages of Autism I can cure up to two stages 93% -100% cure within 4-5 weeks timeline and with 2-4 sessions with the 13 page SIR healing. 
Toxic metals mostly responsible are: mercury is #1 and others are not likely
Much has changed since the autism epidemic began in about 1990.  At  same time as the epidemic began, the number of immunizations our children receive before the age of two  jumped from four to over twenty.  In the 1970's the rate of autism was 1 in 10,000.   The number of children has increased almost a thousandfold, to  1 in 150  and then to 1 in 126 children born in in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  Autism rates have risen around the world as well.