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Did aliens ever exist on earth?

Currently pure Human matrix is only in 700,000 on 
I have done research genetically for nine years here is what I have come up with. Since 1947 until 2008 we have had 19 different alien breeds interbreed with us humans. The aliens were 76%-85% human matrix looking 96% just like us. Back in 2008 they had 100% alien spirits in 76%-85% human matrix bodies. Those spirits are now
but of cause the bodies. Can we tell by looking at people if they are 15% alien bodies? lets read further. Here is how they differ and inturn some facial features can be evident. ears location higher on side of heads and bridge of the nose is different but with 19 breeds each person is a bit different. Gene sequence is 25% different the DNA sequence 16% different and RNA 15% different. Sperm is 15% different chromosomes differ in compostion and shape. egg cels are 15% different. epithelial cells are 26% different for skin looks more perfect more artificial. Stem cells are 17% different and osteoblast cells 18% different. Normal pregrancy of aliens in they own environment is 3 1/2 months long in part we have in past decades an exposition of early pre-labor and more miscarriges. brain stem differs 16% slower heart and breathing rate by 15%. level of intelligence is 5 digits higher. Pitutary is 6% different and sex organs 12% smaller. Not much of a difference. Emotional difference is mostly compassion of lack of it pity and sadness is instead, lack of true deep sorrow and grieving, total lack of Agape love god-like love and maternal paternal deep love is lacking and last emotional giving with true deep expression is lacking. Spiritually 35% differs from humans in worship from the hearts. Aliens have less self-awareness in consciousiness then humans. The Breeds that were here and some are still here are:
Men in black
positive good aliens are:
Negas, Oranges and Pliedeans, Phoenians 50/50
yes crop circles were from dark and good aliens here for different purposes
The two aliens that were holograhic were Reptilians and Men in Black that is spirits taking on bodies not real.

Tree of Life wisdom unveiled

Tree of life in Eden had secrets that sinful couple would not be able to see and understand. God knows all things even thogh we are free moral agents he knew they would sin. He already knew he may need to give his son an equal perfect son in exchange in case they sinned. Actually his son as an Arch-angel with God Yahweh created the earth and its people using Goddess Sophia wisdom. Every creative act had Goddess Sophia behind it.
 Thewisdom in the Tree of Life is the mystics of the jewish faith and the lost maniscript of Jesus Apostels.
 They correspond to the Chakras, colors, symbols, qualities of spiritual soul. Below is the six-pointed star of David which is the botton half of the star is the water wisdom symbol of Goddess Sophia/Mary magdalene and the other upward pointed star is Jesus the groom meaning pyramid facing and reaching toward the sun male energy and water female energy is balanced. The sacred geometry symbols of righteous Gods of Jesus and Goddess Sophia is four dimensional version of the star of David. It is a power symbol when used by gods is very powerful. There are 42 different ones in heaven but under the earth is the one I discribe above. Those healed by me can use the symbol under my instruction to empower themselves to a degree.
Trees have always been the symbol of strength and longevity.


Love Light and Wisdom

No other law and belief is needed with these three/fear ignorance judgement is gone. We are open free to love and experience all the good we are entitiled to.
 Do not follow a person or a belief. I accept all faiths and all  people and heal without judgment or rejection.
 Love seek not its own advantage but that of another
 Love is open pure kind
 Love sees the possiblities not the limits
Love views life as good and sees with gratitude
Love is strong and as strong as death and can over come it
Love can send positive chemicals throughout your body to heal
Unconditional love is spiritual and the earth did not know it until Jesus came to us on earth. Agape love is godlike love able to be felt and used by those healed.
Love reaches out and touches people and makes changes possible
Love knows the truth and it will set you free
Love believes all things hope all things it never fails so believe and be healed today email me to checkup your health for free

How we can Heal

Energy and spirit helps us heal,spirits are in the second realm. These are the two ways we heal. Our DNA activation is the means to connect to God the more we have the closer we become. We have about 4-5 million junk strands, made to go to sleep and be deactivated due to sin and death inherited from adam and Eve. Karma clearing forgives and reawakens our spiritual sleep state and karma clearing activates all cells and atoms. The blueprint and essense of life becomes everlasting and my long term cleints are 10-30 years younger then they were when we started. Since "Karmic Laws" are discontinued we are now past human history of when we should be here by 3 years and spirits that are good are in the second realm of light realm. We no  longer need our karma that is why I have done my work for years preparing people for this time. My PowerPoint presentation of Karma and Higher consciousness is taught in European universities freely given to those teachers.
Back to how we heal - The  larger and stronger your energy Hz of chakras should be over 2000 Hz to be more powerful and helpful for others but testing the energy I find most people have 180 Hz - 300 Hz before healing with me. This energy is measured by taking all major chakras, seven of them and measuring them individually. The root should be 180Hz and sacral 270 Hz now that is the average reading of all people. With karma clearing hundreds of programs at once researched recorded and forgiven. Our spirits in the other realm learn the lesson while we elevate here to one day soon go to the other realm the new earth The Terra Nova planet 5th dimensions. water - wisdom + Mary Magdalene/Goddess Sophia

Hidden Wisdom

There is hidden truths and wisdom in each faith. The ones that stand out to me is Tree of life /India our energy system/Mystic Jewish beliefs/manuscripts of apostels that were recently found and not yet included in the Bible.
 We belong to one/we have partial truth. Silent Armageddon and 100 other secrets of God a book I wrote with many years of research and channeling with Goddess Sophia the spirit inside of the bride of Christ. She was the most loved by him and kissed many times secretly married and Sara hier born to both of them.
The truth will set you free - free of death and dying, free of ignorance and judgement, shedding the veil that darkness remains along with ego , self-righteousness and false pride keeps us away from truth, light love and wisdom. Wisdom makes people look through into mirror at oneself and not through a magnifying glass into another. It wisdom makes us self-responsible and we cannot say we did not know. So wisdom true wisdom is not loved today. Peopletreat the earth and theylivesas an amusement park instead of a school of learning.

Seventh Level of the Human Energy Field

When the seventh level of the human energy field is healthy, it is composed of beautiful, extremely strong golden lines of energy that scintillate at a very high frequency.  They are interwoven to form all the physical components of your physical body.  They extend out from your body three to three and a half feet.  At this distance, the seventh level forms into a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it.  The outer edge of this egg is thicker and stronger, like an eggshell.  It regulates a proper flow of energy out from the entire aura into the space beyond.  It prevents energy leakage out of the field, as well as penetration by unhealthy energies from the outside.  The seventh level serves to hold the entire field together.  I am always amazed by the tremendous strength that exists at this level.

The seventh level golden threads of light also exist throughout and around everything.  These threads knit everything together, whether they are the cells of an organ, a body, a group of people, or the whole world.

The seventh level is the level of divine mind.  When it is healthy and we bring our conscious awareness to this level, we experience divine mind within us and enter into the world of the universal divine mind field.  Here we understand and know that we are a part of the great pattern of life.  Experiencing this truth of the universe makes us feel very safe.  Here we know perfection within our imperfections.

On this level, with HSP we can see the golden grid system of truth as it interweaves itself through the universe.  Here, with HSP we will eventually learn to communicate mind to mind.  In the not-too-distant future HSP will be completely normal.  Now we can sometimes access the universal mind for information beyond what we would be able to obtain through what are commonly regarded as the normal senses.

If the seventh body is strong, charged, and healthy, your two major abilities will be to have creative ideas and to clearly understand broad overall concepts about existence, the world, and its nature.  You will create new ideas, and you will know where they fit into the great universal pattern of ideas.  You will know how you fit into this pattern.  You will have a clear and strong understanding of God.  You may become a theologian, a scientist, or an inventor.  Your ability to have a clear, integrated understanding may lead you to become a teacher of broad-scale, complicated subjects.

If the seventh level of our field is not healthy, the golden lines will be dull and weak.  They will not hold their form and will be thinner in some places than others.  They may even be torn open in some places, allowing energy to leak out of the system.  If the seventh level is unhealthy, we do not experience divine mind of the connectedness of the truth held in the universal mind field.  We will not understand the concept of perfection within our imperfections.  Our imperfections will be very hard to tolerate.  In fact, we may go into denial about them, claiming or striving for a perfection that is impossible to achieve in the human condition.  We will not have access to the universal divine mind field.  It will appear that our minds work in isolation and have very little to do with creation.

If your seventh level is stronger than all the rest, you may have the problem of making all your creative ideas practical.

The best way to strengthen the seventh level of the field is to continually search for higher truth in your life and to live by it.  The best meditation I know to help strengthen the seventh level of the field is to use a mantra that repeats, "Be still and know that I am God."  Doing this mantra brings energy to the seventh level and eventually brings the mediator to the experience of knowing he or she is divine mind and God.

It takes good functioning of all your bodies to bring your creative ideas into manifestation on the physical plane.  This includes your health.  If you want to have good physical health and a full life, it is necessary to clear, charge, and balance all your bodies and therefore all the areas of human experience.  Therefore any healing process must include focused attention to and nourishment for all seven levels of your field.

Comment by Sophia:

Most people have 180-300 Hertz energy of all the major chakras but they should be 2000 Hz and above. Each chakra of major seven have a general hertz energy level. Root is 140 Hertz, Sacral is 230 Hz, Solar plexus is 400 Hz, Heart is 560 Hz, Throat is 730 Hz and Third eye is 920 Hz and crown is well over 1000 add all of them up and you get close to 4000 Hz state of spiritual enlightenment. Since our personal spirits have gone to 5th dimensional earth we are now at 100-300 Hz so low CHI is thus very low 65%-80% on the average and pineal is in need of healing this applies to all people. So one 13 page healing with me you go to Hertz energy level for your chakras from 200 to 1500+. Chi is increased 65%-100% higher then before. Have you been healed? What is stopping you? Since one session clears karma blocks for money! Save $90 instead of $150 it is $60 until June 8, 2011.